The show “Kundli Bhagya” today episode starts with Karan hold the Mahira hand. They said that everyone waiting downstairs, not they need to leave. Preeta annoys the kidnappers and she gets shocked that how can we take her. He said that he is a Ravan and he came here for Seeta, he will take Seeta because it is right. Sameer takes Shrishti in the corridor. She said that important is the main topic to talk about. Sameer said that he wants to listen to everything. Shrishti runs from there to think that she wants something.

kundali bhagya

Karan reminds Shrishti that he send in the room to Karan on his marriage it was also a big work that he did. At best she has to give a compliment. Shrishti said that he already give him the compliment. She said that he is so good one day result, he is smart and also over smart, naughty but shorty. Whatever she can do but she can’t able to do. Sameer gives her good news that Ramona is going tomorrow and perhaps Maira follow her but it is not confirmed still. Shrishti is so excited and said that she is in love… Kritika listens to these words because she is standing behind the curtains.

She comes there and says goodbye to Sameer. Shrishti tries to talk to Kritika but Kritika is upset from her. He said to Shrishti that whatever she did it is so wrong. Karan takes Maira in behind the veil. He starts briefing that her hand automatically changes the color of her hand. Then she snatches her hand. Karan says that he doesn’t care about anything. One-pot fall down from her hand and then he again put it in a stand. Kidnapper carries the Preeta on his shoulder. Then he gets up and took the pot and attack him with the same flower pot on his head.

Then he drops Preeta. Karan hears the voice. Preeta again attacks the kidnapper with the flower pot on his leg. She starts shouting Karan turns. Shrishti is going from the corridor and ignores Sherline. Sherline remembers the flashback from the last night in which she remembers the last night fight. Sherline tries to push Shrishti but at a time Shrishti push. Shrishti gives the threats to Sherline that she has to save Sherline from slipping because she is daughter in low of her sister. But then she will never help again. for more updating written episodes stay connect with us and stay safe!



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