In the 14 June, 2019episode of Kundali Bhagya Prithvi informs Sherlyn that their plans had been unsuccessful. Sheryln and Prithvi had a little argument, and Prithvi asked Sherlyn to leave the Luthra House immediately as Preeta knows about their deeds, but Sherlyn asked him to remain quiet and follow her plan. Sherlyn asks Prithvi to go and listen to  Karan’s and Preeta conversation. On the other side, Karan got angry at Preeta and accused her of telling a lie to him. He blames her of cheating the Luthra family.

Karan told Preeta that she was pretending to be on Karan’s side, but he was sure that Preeta took money from Sherlyn to help her. Karan was so angry that he refused to hear Preeta. Preeta got shocked on Karan’s statement of accusing her. Preeta tries to convince him that she was coming with the reports in which it was stated that Sherlyn is three months pregnant, but Sherlyn kidnapped her and threatened her that she would kill her mother if he tells anything about her to anyone in Luthra House. She said Karan that she and her mother was kidnapped and there was a bomb in Rakhi’s aunty purse.

She also told him that she hid behind a ghunghat to talk to Karan but failed because Sherlyn’s goons were keeping an eye on her and the Luthra Family and when she tried to speak to Karan and Rishabh, Sherlyn threatened her to kill Sarla and Rakhi. Prithvi overheard the entire conversation and got nervous. Prithvi went back to Sherlyn and told her that Preeta had told Karan about their plan and they both should run from there immediately, but Sherlyn says Prithvi that he is coward and he should stay calm and follow her plan.

Karan refuses to believe Preeta and again accuses her of cooking the stories. He calls her greedy and middle-class girl, who can do anything just for money. Preeta loses her patience and slaps Karan. Karan then showed Preeta her pictures with Sherlyn, where she was taking money from Sherlyn. Preeta got shocked by seeing those pictures. In the 17 June, 2019 episode of Kundali Bhagya Sherlyn will play her game, and she will confess everyone that she framed Preeta by showing fake pictures. Preeta, however, again will try to convince Karan.


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