Here we are back with today’s 24 September 2020 upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya. The show will be telecast on Zee5. The show is also a part of ‘Kukum bhagya’. The actor of this show is as follows stars Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Manit Joura and Anjum Fakih. Kundli Bhagya is first premiered on 12 July 2017. here we will discuss today’s episode which going to happen on your TV screen. So, continue your reading never miss any line of the article.

Kundali Bhagya Written Episode 24th September 2020 Latest Updates Spoiler Alert

About 24 September 2020 Episode of Kundali Bhagya

in this latest episode of Kundli bhagya start with the Karan and Preeta. they are getting ready for the reception party at the wedding. Suddenly, Karan helps Preeta when she picked up her saree while Preeta helps Karan to put the cufflinks of his shirt. Due to these strange things, Karan surprised so much because he wanted to hate Preeta but they still behave like husband and wife. Suddenly when Mahira see this moment she calls Prithvi to take a step before its too late. after it, Mahira planned to make Preeta dizzy by giving her the drug mixed bottle of water.

Along with Rishabh tries to propose Sherlyn and to know why she lied down to Karan about their relationship. to distract Rishabh Sherlyn said she wants to get romantic with him. Now Pawan is back from abroad who is the brother of Prithvi and went to settle business in abroad but he failed. Pawan noticed that his brother depressed due to Preeta broken his heart.

Pawan just goes to talk to Prithvi while he agreed on the offer of Mahira for kidnapping Preeta before she going to Reception party of the wedding. Due to the Dizziness Rakhi tells Preeta to make sure that there is no drama in front of the guest in the wedding reception and to do not spoil the happiness of the guests. Mahira goes to Preeta’s room to dress up like Preeta and replace her in the reception party. she wants to look exactly like Preeta. As she wants to marry Karan So, due to this reason always try to get the place of Preeta in everyone’s life in the family.

The became more interesting and now the suspense is that. Can Mahira replace Preeta at the wedding reception party and on the other hand what will be the result of Preeta’s Dizziness? Don’t miss the show stay connected to Zee5 for upcoming episodes.


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