Once again the entertainment-filled Tv serial is here with an unexpected twist in the story. Yes, your favourite Tv serial Kundali Bhagya is here with the latest episode which will be telecast on 3rd August 2021. So far the drama serial has gained massive popularity because of continuous twist-making the story and marvelous acting by the star cast. Let’s have a look at the brief information about the show and upcoming scenes which will remove your anxiety due to day-long working hours.

kundli bhagya 3rd august 2021

Preeta is one of the lead characters of the story. She talking to her mother about what is happened to her and she knows the bad news. But she doesn’t have the courage to tell the news to all the family members. So Preeta decided to make it secret and save the current happiness among family members. during the call her mother tells her that how much she cares for her family and happiness among family members.

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Preeta listen to all the conversations carefully when her mother saying that this may be a bad time for her but definitely she will welcome her baby one day and Preeta will be pregnant very soon. Suddenly Karan comes toward the room and Preeta cut the call and behave happy in front of Karan.

A few moments later Janki sees Shrishti is very upset and thinking about something. She immediately askes her that what happened to her and why she is looking so sad. She too that Karan not invited them but she forcefully invited her to the party.

Now it has become so embarrassing for her. Sarla is sitting, she wonders if Karan has listened to their conversation and prays that he should not have listened as he was really happy and if he came to know the truth then would ruin the feelings he has.

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There are many other surprises waiting for you because later in the same episode Preeta will tell the situation to Karan. But Karan will also feel depressed due to the problem and now both start finding the solution. Watch the show online on the regular TV serial channel and enjoy the dramatic serial.


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