The upcoming episode is all set to entertain the viewers with lots of twists and turns. Today’s episode begins with Prithvi and Preeta because Prithvi says to her that she is regretting choosing Karan. He says that he hates her and the hate started from when she sent her to jail. She reminds him that she beat him on that day.

sasural simar ka 2

Prithvi says that he is not just ruling on the Luthra’s house but the entire business is in his hand. He says that without his permission, nothing could happen in this house. He asks her to make some money and move from here.

She takes money and puts it near God’s statue. She says that she came here to take Luthra’s cheque book and cash. She says that he is spending her money. Sherlyn replies that this is Luthra’s money and Preeta says that it is her money. Prithvi says, it seems that she has gone mad.

He says that he is not interested in her so, she can stay in the house and can also get out of the house. Sameer asks him not to talk with Preeta like this because she is still Karan’s wife. Preeta stops him not to support her as she is enough powerful to support herself. Preeta says to Prithvi that she is the owner of the Luthra properties because she is the daughter-in-law of Luthra.

Sherlyn asks her to shut her mouth as she is just talking nonsense. Preeta asks her to take her words seriously because she is a daughter-in-law of Luthra’s family. Preeta also asks Sherlyn not to interfere in them. She reveals that she is the power of attorney of Luthra business and the owner of the Luthra mansion which makes everyone shocked.

Prithvi says that what nonsense she is talking about and Preeta says that Mahesh has canceled the power of attorney later so, the latter has no power now. She shows the paper to Rakhi and asks her to confirm the signature of Mahesh.

Rakhi confirms that signature and Preeta reveals that Mahesh came to apologize on behalf of Luthra’s and last year, he also transferred all his properties to her name. Rakhi tells him that the paper are original. Preeta says to Prithvi that he is understood that everything is truth so, why he is pissed off now.

Sherlyn is about to see paper but Preeta takes papers from Rakhi and reveals that Mahesh also attached his medical document with Will to prove that he was fine when transferring the property paper on her name. She tells Prithvi that he is currently standing in her house.

Meanwhile, Natasha sees Karan sleeping and wonders that why Preeta returned. She thinks that what if Preeta returned for Karan. She tells herself that she needs money to open dance academy in New York. She asks him to not go behind Preeta and leaves the room.

Natasha sees that Karan is sleeping and thinks that why Preeta came back. She thinks that if Preeta returned for Karan. She tells herself that she needs some money to open a dance academy in New York. She asks him not to go behind Preeta and leave the room.

On the other side, Prithvi tells Preeta that the paper are false and Preeta says that she has told everything before and he tells her that he has done everything for Luthra’s business. Preeta says that her story is boring. She tells him that Mahesh has transferred everything to her name because she is like a daughter for him. The Episode Ends.


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