Kundali Bhagya is one of the most famous and anticipated serials on the screen and many watchers are showing their positive response over the serial. The serial has lots of amazing cast members who are entertaining their watchers for a long time. Now, we are going to share the latest written update of the episode in which, you will get to know that what will happen next in the serial.

Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2021

Fans always want to know that what will happen next before the official broadcasting of the serial appears. So, the next paragraph starts the written update and if you want to read more daily updates so, you can visit our pages to read our all the latest serials.

Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 26th October 2021 Full Written Update, Fateh is Beaten Up By Jass

Well, tonight’s episode will start when Sherlyn gives a tiffin box to Prithvi later, he eats the food and he starts coughing because the food is too spicy as he can’t eat but still, he continues eating which surprise Sherlyn. On the other side, Preeta and Rakhi meet Risha in the jail. They both get emotional after viewing each other. Rakhi goes from there but Preeta stays there for some moment. As Preeta walks out, Sameer tells her that Rakhi is not doing well even she is thinking about suicidal thoughts. Later, Preeta meets with her and assures her that everything will be good one day and she doesn’t need to worry about this.

Suddenly, Rakhi cries continuously while thinking about this and says that why God is testing her so much. She thinks and says that she can’t live without her son, Rishabh and if something will happen to him, she will commit suicide.

Preeta make assures that nothing will happen with him and he will be released from jail tomorrow. Rakhi asks to her how will it happen and Preeta says that she has evidence against Sandeep and tells her that he is faking his injury.

Rakhi says that she can give this evidence to the police but Preeta says that first, she wants to punish the mastermind. She reveals to her that Prithvi is a mastermind behind all these things and he is ruining our lives. Rakhi gets shocked after hearing this and decided that she will throw him out of this house.

Later, as Rakhi reaches home, she scolds the name of Prithvi and asks her to come out. Suddenly, Rakhi slaps him as he gets shocked. Rakhi accuses him to destroy their lives on which, he says that Rakhi has misunderstood. Even, Kareena and Kritika supports him. Then, Rakhi asks Mahesh to call the police but suddenly, Prithvi runs away from the house to save himself.

Then, Preeta gets to know that everything was running in his mind and asks Rakhi that don’t take any decisions in anger. She also asks Rakhi to stay silent over this as he can try to destroy all the evidence. Later, Rakhi gets feels bad for Kritika and Preeta says that she is worthy of a good man in her life.


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