Kundali Bhagya is getting thrilling, As we know this show is very interesting and entertaining, Show has a huge fan following. Fans love to see the serial. It has great TRP. In the show, you will see an amazing twist. In the new episode, Sherlyn Compliments Prithvi that he is looking very dashing and smart since he got over the craze of Preeta. Sherlin says she is very happy to see this change in Prithvi.

kundli bhagya today

She likes the seriousness and focussed side of Prithvi. Prithvi asks her to begin Karan and Natasha’s marriage arrangements. He says that once Karan gets married to Natasha, then Preeta’s chapter will be over and Preeta will be out of this house forever, it will be the end for Preeta.

We have seen in the promo videos, Prithvi is confident that Karan will marry Natasha for the family’s sake. Sherlyn tries to convince Rakhi to get Karan remarried because there is no chance of Preet’s return.

Let’s see will Karan agree to remarry, and fall into Prithvi’s Trap? will Preeta come back to the Luthra mansion and save Mahesh, Rakhi, Luthra from the evils duo Sherlin and Prithi Malhotra? Here are more interesting things we will share with you in this article. As we know Karan loves Preeta but, He is angry with Preeta, So What will Karan do.

We will see in the episode, Preeta sees a dream of Luthra’s family. Sarla Tells that Preeta had gone away for two years, but after her return, she started thinking of Luthra’s in one day. She says Luthra’s never deserved Preeta, Karan broke the relationship because of Pihu’s loss, He blames Preeta for that. Then Preeta says she will never think about Luthra’s. Preeta apologizes to Sarla.

Sarla advises her to not feel sorry for herself. She wants to tell her something about her elder sister Pragya. She doesn’t want to do the same mistake and undergo the same pain. Another side Rakhi and Krtika meet Sherlyn in the Kitchen. Rakhi apologizes to her. Kritika sees Rakhi is upset. Then Kritika stops Rakhi from doing the work.

She says she will assist Sharlin in the work. Sharlin Asks Kritika to take her to the clinic. But rakhi refuses to go. Sherlin insists them to go. Kritika to take Rakhi to the clinc. Prithvi gets angry at Sherlin’s move. episode ends. Stay connected for more updates.


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