“Kundli Bhagya” is the Hindi drama serial so, today shows the episode starts with Preeta is in her room. She got a phone call from Saand she asks about her health. she tries to tell something but not successfully, Preeta asks that what happen and why she is annoyed to talk to her own daughter. shrishti mention that she doesn’t understand her mother, because she talking to me with her smile. Then Janki says that she tries to tell some important words. because when the Shrishti mentions the first night about her that time she got worried to listen about this talk.


Sarla said that she can not capable to do these rituals and that is why she doesn’t know what to say, Preeta says that she says anything without any tension. Sarla says that she wants to inform her of what will happen. Her new home is not successful and that is why she wants Preeta will not do something wrong and take care of the relationship. Preeta says that she doesn’t need to talk about the Karan because he did not accept her as a wife. And he only wants to prove that she is wrong and he also blames her for the Luthra family.

Sarla gives the answer that she knows who is against the family. She says that Preeta knows Sherlyn and Maira try to spoil all the things, which is why she took the step and everything will be alright. She also said that Karan is a lier and she wanted the provision from them because she never likes him that they come home

she said that he calls me 4rh fail doctor which is a very embarrassing moment for her because he tells in front of everyone.  Sarla says that if any couple born a girl so that is a dream for her that one day one price will come.

And take her as his wife. And then he gives everything whatever they want to do. She knows behind the veil she is happy Preeta saw her. Only one face he knows and she is the best friend and even, she is upset by her so he doesn’t care about anything.

Sarla says that one he gets first married then he thinks that Preeta is staying with him but she left him and she took the flowers in hairs, but she still denies removing the kumkum and mangalsutar. And it is because she still connects with him. For more written updating episodes stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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