As we know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show among people, the show is running well with the great TRP on television. Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Kritika telling Kareena that Karan and Preeta’s romance never stops. Natasha asks Preeta to get up holding her hand.

Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2022 Full Written Update

Preeta gets up by herself and says give her hand to Karan because he needs support. Prithvi thinks about Shambu and where he went. Sameer announces that the boys have won the game. Dadi says the game was between them Karan and Preeta but several have joined the game so it is not fair. Staring contests should be happening between them.

Kundali Bhagya 9th February 2022 Written Update

Prithvi thinks that Karan should let Preeta win in this challenge because this win will be her last win. After some, he will become the owner of the Luthra mansion and Luthra industries. Karan blinks his eyes to defeat Preeta but she doesn’t react. She says to Karan that he can’t cheat and she wins the game. Srishti and Janki get happy for the victory and dance to celebrate. Other side Mahesh’s doctor comes there.

Rakhi recalls how he advised keeping Mahesh away from people. Prithvi thinks that this Doctor confirmed Mahesh as mad because that time Mahesh is actually mad at this moment due to the electric shocks and overdose medicines but his condition is getting well.

Prithvi thinks the doctor should not know about his improvement. Rakhi introduces Doctor to Preeta. Preeta says him that she will meet him in his clinic later.

He nods at her. She sees Sherlyn coming out of the house and thinks that what Sharlyn was doing inside the house. She meets Nagre. He says to her that he didn’t work for her Wholeheartedly. She says him that she doesn’t want him to work for her.

Prithvi Notices Nagre and calls him. He asks him to stay away from Preeta and he tells him about the coconut bomb. Karan hears Nagre talk about the coconut but Nagre changes the topic. Karan suspects Nagre. He says that Preeta should ask for help. He tells that her enemies are increasing.

Prithvi finds Shambhu and takes him aside and asks about the bomb. Shambhu gives him the coconut bomb. Prithvi swaps the coconuts. Prithvi asks Pandit Ji to begin the worship. Sherlyn gives Puja plate to Preeta.

Karan wonders why Sharlyn is looking desperate. Preeta and Karan go near a bonfire to perform puja. Prithvi stops them and asks them to perform worship separately. Episodes end.


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