Kundali Bhagya is going to be thrilled. Now you will in the episode Karan arrives at the mill and Karan picks up the Duppata of Preeta, Sonakshi Texts to someone, she says work is done, then Sherlin picks the phone and reads the message after that she asked Simmi to leave because work has been complete and she will get the money, Sherlin is happy for this place is near to teh house.

kundli bhagya

she thinks today would be the last day for Preeta in the house then Sherlin arrived at the house and she was glad because no one knew about her absence. and glad to think that Luthra’s favorite mother inlaw  Preeta would be thrown out of the house.

After you will see Karina says with excitement that Sonakshi has found the location of Pihu. Karina informs Karan about the location., Sherlin came towards Karina, Kritika asks her to calm down otherwise she will fall down. Rakhi Question to Krina is he fine. Sherlin said she is very happy because Sonakshi proved that the mother and daughter relation is above any other relation.

Karan has found the location he will give a reward to that person. but one helped them except Sonakshi and all were considered an outsider. Sherlin support Sonakshi, she said Preeta has all responsibility for Pihu according to the situation Preeta is the mother of Pihu, but Sonakshi has completed Preeta’s responsibility.

Sonakshi saved Pihu from the fire on Diwali with and delay. Sonakshi burnt during save to Pihu, however, she didn’t say anything because she knew that her daughter is in danger. But Preeta failed every time.

And Sherlin says as well, that what is doing Preeta for searching Pihu, and Sonakshi has found the location and Preeta just crying in the room,  Rakhi says to Sherlin,  Why are you comparing to each other both are different, Rakhi says to Shaerlin you should stop now and in the conversation, Karina interrupts and she supports Sherlin and says why should stop Sherlin is right, whatever she is saying, that all are true.

Preeta steps out of the car, she asks the guard to pay the driver but is stopped by the police. she tells them she called them, they asks is everything fine. he says that Sameer and Shrishti are unconscious at the factory.

Then Inspector tells Preeta, they are affected by the high dose of Chloroform, but now they are trying to find the kidnapper. Preeta takes the name of Sonakshi, asking if they have been unable to find her, she rushes inside the house.

Karan along With the entire family is waiting for her, Preeta enters the house and she hugs Karan, she said Pihu is fine. Then Karan sees Preet’s injury and she asks Preeta how she was injured, Preeta replies nothing to worry she explain everything, she could not resist living in a home. Rakhi says we were thinking you are in the room

Dadi standing question, what is the need of Preeta she will kidnap her own daughter then Sherlin said Preeta has a need. she wants to save her mother’s marriage hall and she wants money for saving the hall. Sherlin said Preeta needed twenty crore rs for it. She heard the entire conversation of Sarla, that she is in trouble because of the marriage hall.

That’s why Preeta wants money for saving it preet6 asks for Sherlin are you lost your mind. Sherlin said she heard that you said everything would be sorted. Preeta was talking about the money.

When Preeta sees Sonakshi in the house she said, what are you doing in my house, and fight with her. Then said Sonakshi is the one who found the location after a struggle. Preeta says I am the one who did this all, not Sonakshi. However, no one believes in her Karan also doesn’t believe in Preeta. Preeta tries many times to convince the whole family, but no one on her.

Preeta question is she is done with her story, Preeta explains she is the daughter-in-law of the Luthra family and has not done anything wrong. Then Karan asks Preeta where is Pihu? Preeta says why are you saying this? Then entire family started blaming her. Mahesh, Kritika blames her as well. The kidnapper revealed Preeta was behind the kidnapping. Preeta is stupefied to hear this revelation


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