As we know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show, Show has great TRP. If you have followed the show for a long time, so you know very well this is a very entertaining and interesting show. We have seen many twists in the show and will see as well. In the show, Shradha Arya is playing the lead role. The show is going with a great story.

Kundali Bhagya 8th January 2022 today's

We have seen past episodes, that all were outstanding and very entertaining. We have watched promo videos of the show, according to the promo video show is getting thrilling. Here we are sharing the written update on the basis of the promo video. So let’s continue the article.

As we have watched in the previous episode, which was outstanding, we see Preeta teach a lesson to the nurse. She says to the nurse, she will have to listen her order now. Prithvi is not your boss I am the Boss. Preeta meets with Srishti. Shrishti asks Dii are you fine in the Luthra house.

Is everyone happy to see you? Preeta reply no one is happy with my entry into the Luthra house, Shrishti asks Karan if he is fine with you? Prreta says something has changed, he has not the same attitude, but for me, he is like that. Shrishti says hope so Karan Jiju will understand his mistake. However, Preeta refuses to forgive him. She says I want just back their property then I will go from there, I don’t want anything.

On the basis of promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining as well. We will tell you all the highlights of the upcoming episode. Here you will see now Srishti asks everything Preeta about the Luthra mansion, they converse about the Luthra mansion.

Then suddenly Preta received a message from Prithvi. Shrishti asks about the message, In the message, Prithvi is calling Preeta in the living room.

Srishti asks why is he calling you there, Preeta says, She has no idea about that. Then Preeta says bye to Srishti. Srishti says to Preeta If you want any help, I will come for you definitely. Dadi says to Preeta, the entire family doesn’t love her. Preeta replies I don’t care about this who loves me who not. I am here only for money.

The overall show is going to be very interesting, we know fans are very excited to watch the upcoming episode. You can watch the on Zee Tv if you want to watch the full episode, so you can watch it on the Zee5 app. Stay connected for more updates.


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