Here we are back with today’s episode of Kundli Bhagya. This serial is very famous and popular among people. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. This serial is going well with great TRP. This show comes on the ZEE TV channel on television. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Prithvi asking Preeta what is her plan. Preeta tells him that he should only enjoy the party. Prithvi caution Preeta and he demands to know her. Sameer comes and he says to Prithvi to request Preeta.

kundali bhagya

Then Prithvi asks why he always takes the side of Preeta, she claims to be the owner of this house and she mistreats her family. Here we have more information related to the upcoming episode and we will share it with you, keep reading.

Prithvi asks when he was the owner of the house at that time why he did not support him. Sameer says to Prithvi that he never deserves this respect. Preeta says Sameer that she will handle him. Srishti arrives at Preeta and says she has done the work which she gave her. she says that Preeta changed a lot.

Srishti taunts Sameer and leaves the place. Preeta welcomes Nagre to the party and she says Nagre looks upset, but she does not care about it. she wants everything perfect just like she thought. Keep reading for more information.

she sees Prithvi and says that he wanted to work with him but she wanted him to work for her. Nagre says that she knows why he works for her. Preeta says she wants to reveal the truth which she recorded. She asks him to relax and enjoy the party. she says that he can meet him if he wants.

Prithvi scolds Narge about what’s going on. Nagre tells that Preeta is making a plan to do something unbelievable. Karan notices that Rakhi is helping Mahesh to get ready for the party. Dadi takes a sweet for Mahesh which Mahesh loves in his childhood. Dadi compliments his look.

Karan thinks that Mahesh forgets everything that happened in the basement. Karan wonders why he has a mood swings problem. He hopes that everything will be fine at the party. Karan goes to meet Mahesh and he hugs him, but Mahesh does not hug him. Dadi makes Mahesh sit. Rakhi asks Karan why he is not ready yet. She told him that everything will be fine soon. Karan hopes that soon Mahesh will hug. Stay tuned for more updates.


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