The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya will be telecast with lots of twists and turns. Everyone wants to watch the latest episode and now, the latest episode begins with Prithvi, it seems that someone is looking at him and he injects an injection into Sandeep and goes outside the room. He realizes that his ring is missing and thinks that he can’t lose it in the hospital.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd November 2021

Meantime, Preeta talks to unconscious Sandeep and says that it was just a multi-vitamin injection and asks him not to worry about this. Later, Prithvi comes to Sandeep’s room to find out the ring and sees that Preeta is taking Sandeep in the Ambulance with her.

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He thinks that he needs to find the ring first. He finds his ring under his bed and feels relieved and left the hospital. He gets nervous and thinks that what is going on with him. He get to know that Preeta was looking at him and she knows that what was she doing with him. He thinks that why did she not say anything to Luthra.

Now, he thinks that he will have to know that where is Sandeep right now. On the other side, Preeta takes Sandeep to Luthra’s house and Rakhi asks Preeta that why she did not go the hospital. Preeta says to her that she doesn’t have time to give this information.

She asks Sameer to bring Sandeep into his room. She also goes with Sandeep to his room. She tells others that no one gets to know that Sandeep is in Luthra’s house. She says that Prithvi is a clever man and we should keep aware of him. Along with this, we will have to hide that we know the reality of him and go outside the house. Preeta is about to close the door and suddenly, Prithvi enters in the house.

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He says to her that if she has seen him before so, why is she hiding? She asks him that what he want to ask. He tells that she is smart. Preeta tells him that he is scared from something. She tells him that she knows everything. He tells that he saw her in the hospital when she was taking Sandeep.

She tells him that she couldn’t understand anything. He tells her that he can know her easily because she lives in his heart. He tells that he made Sudeepa and Shilpa unconscious. He asks her that where is he right now. If she will not tell, she will have to face some problems.

She says to him that he can do anything because she doesn’t scare and she can do whatever for her family. He tells her that he doesn’t know what will he do with her in anger? She says that she will not leave him and Rishabh will be released tomorrow.

Prithi thinks that Preeta has surely taken Sandeep to the Luthra house and he begins to find her. Preeta says to her gang that Prithvi saw her in the hospital. While Prithvi thinks that he doesn’t have much time and he will have to win this. The Episode Ends.


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