We are back with the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya that begins with Rakhi who is called Rakhi as Je. Whatever anyone can think about her but she is a real owner of the house and she must know about this. Preeta thinks and goes from there. She thinks that this is not the right time to do it and will have to wait until everyone sleeps.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd January 2022

She turns back and Rakhi sees her. Preeta thinks that this is not the right time to tell Rakhi about this and she just came here to save her family from Prithvi because if she will reveal everything and how did she meet Mahesh so, Prithvi will take advantage of this.

She will have to fight till last. Prithvi must be thinking that till now, she is not throwing him out of this house. He thinks that how much Luthra hates him. It is right to keep the enemy in front of the eyes. She just want to know that how did Mahesh’s father get sick and where is Rishabh Jee? She thinks that Prithvi is strong and she needs to take her step more than him. She prays to God.

On the other side, Prithvi talks to his legal counselor that how Preeta got to know that how can she destroy the plan in just a single moment? Counselor asks him to calm down and Prithvi says that he knows that his future depends on the choices and knows that Preeta can do whatever she wants and will really destroy him. The lawyer asks that he believes on him and Prithvi thinks that it has been two years to reach this position. He will not let come anyone in his way.

On the other side, Sameer is walking and Kritika comes out of the house and says that how had he changed totally after Preeta came to the house again. She came as the owner of the house and Sameer asks her to keep quiet because he thinks that Preeta is better than Prithvi.

Kritika says that a man can do mistake only a one time but don’t repeat it continuously. He blames her that maybe, she is taking Prithvi seriously in her life and as a wife, Kritika says that it is enough for them and Sameer goes out of the room.

Later, Preeta thinks and starts walking in the Lobby that she should keep her eyes in every single corner of the house, therefore, Mahesh is not here and what was heard in the clinic was reality.

After some time, Mona tries to open the exit door and even then, who came here that it has been closed. Mona asks Prithvi to come inside the house as they have checked the entire room. The Episode Ends.


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