As we know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show among the people. The show has great TRP. This show is very and entertaining and interesting. Fans love to watch this show. As we know Shradhya Arya is playing the lead role as Preeta. she is very gorgeous and beautiful, she has also an amazing fan following among the people. We have seen its previous episodes, that preeta comes back in the Luthra house.

kundli bhagya

She says to all she is not here for their forgiveness, she is here for the her rights, she wants her part of the properties, and money. The entire family gets shocked after listening to her conversation. Dadi goes to Karan and wakes him up, says preeta is in the Luthra house for money. Here we will share with you the upcoming episode story, so let’s start.

According to the promo videos of the Kundali Bhagya, the show starts with Preeta asking the family to stay according to her rules. She says if someone is not angry with her, so they can leave the house. She gives time for all to decide if they want to leave. She says she is very tired, she wants some rest. She asks to grish to prepare the best room of the house, which is occupied by Prithvi. She asks Natasha who is she.

Natasha introduces herself as Sherlyn’s Younger sister. Preeta hopes that Natasha is not like sherlyin. Preta asks to throw all the belongings from the room. She says she give one day for cleaning the room.

She tells them she will take Karan’s room for a day. She asks Prithvi if he doesn’t agree with her so he can get out of the house. She tells them that the one who got Karan so drunk will take care of him. Prreta goes to Karan’s room, and she feels all the old memories after entering the room.

She get emotional, and she recalls all the moments spent with Karan in the room. She says she loves Karan too much. She was much hurt bu the past wounds, but her wounds healed on hearing his confession.

You will see Kareena and Bani gets angry on Preeta, that is a fraud woman. However, Sameer will support to pre beta. He feels its better that pre beta is the instead Prithvi. Natasha tries to brainwash the family against the pre beta.  Preeta hugs Mahesh’s picture.

She promises that she will take care of the family. She will do anything for come back the happiness of the family. She will take Mahesh’s lost pride. She wants Mahesh to lead the family with the same powers. She will prove that he is not mentally unstable. Another side Sherlyn asks to natasha to go close Karan.

She tells that preeta is really cunning, she will understand their plan. She is stressed that Karan confessed love to preeta in front of everyone. Natasha asks  if he loves to prreta, why did’nt Karan go to house of ptreeta. In all the matter Rakhi can’t accept that preeeta married Karan for the sake of money. She knows that preeta can never make releations for money.


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