From the beginning, the television show getting much attention and love from the audience. Yes, the name of the show is Kundali Bhagya as the episodes of the show regularly engaging millions of audiences to watch the upcoming story. Not only this, but the madness among the audience to watch the upcoming show is also very high and everyone is eager to watch the further story.

kundali bhagya 29th july 2021

The episode begins with Srishti searches her mobile charger and she gets it after some time. While searching the charger, her eyes take a look at the picture of her and Preeta. She holds the picture and says to it.

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Srishti says that it is very weird to stay in the room without Preeta and says that it is very difficult at the beginning but everything has changed now. Preeta has Luthra and after some time, she will be going to become a mother as well.

So, if Preeta forgets her after the birth of her children then it is not unique. Then, Srishti kisses the picture and saying that she misses her a lot. After that, she calls Sameer to remind him to keep watching Sherlyn as she will not get any chance to roam around Preeta.

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Sameer says her not to worry about Preeta as he is taking care of her and then he disconnected the call. In the next scene, viewers will see Dadi telling Luthras that she is happy to attend the marriage of Sonakshi and she will be going to enjoy all the rituals.

She further asks everyone to do not to spread negativity, laziness, and complaints as she wants everyone to smile and enjoy the marriage. After hearing this, Rakhi says that everyone is already very happy as Preeta gave a reason to everyone to smile.

Later, Girish gives prasad to Preeta and says that it will protect her and her children. After that, Sameer clicks a picture of everyone and they leave for Lonavla. After that, Preeta thinks that she should tell the truth to everyone and she stands up inside the bus but she is just about to fall but Karan holds her.

After that, Mahesh scolds the driver to drive fast but Preeta tells him that it was her mistake. Now, it seems that a very big truth will be going to reveal in the upcoming episode and everyone is eager to know the truth. Kundali Bhagya will be airing on Zee TV at 9:30 PM and for more updates, just stay connected with us.


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