The viewers are too excited to watch the next episode of Kundali Bhagya which is going to be more interesting after the latest episode of the house. In the previous episode of the serial, we saw that Prithvi left Snake in the house and after seeing the snake, Mahesh got scared and ran towards the meeting where Preeta and everyone including her family and ministers, media is available in the party. Mahesh came there and shouts that there is a snake. Prithvi thought that this could be a right time to take his step against Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya

He said that Mahesh is suffering from his mental health and due to this, he is facing this kind of problem. He was saying this in front of all where ministers thought that there will be a loss if they will invest in this project. Prithvi said that there is the only way to keep him right that he will have to take the shock from the doctors and then, currently, he is under treatment.

Karan and Sameer tried to calm him down and Prithvi said that doctor are treating him but there is no improvement in his health. He says that when he hit him with a wipe, then, he came into control.

Everyone in the party started gossiping about Mahesh and his family. Reporters said that it is breaking news and should be published. Prithvi warned all the investors that there will be a loss in the Luthra’s township project. Suddenly, Preeta came there and pushed Prithvi and asked Mahesh to calm down. She said that she also saw a snake in the house.

Prithvi thought that Preeta is destroying his plan and in order to scare Mahesh, he shouts snake once again. Preeta says that Prithvi also saw the snake and therefore, there is a snake in the house. Preeta says that Mahesh is sick and his mental health is good. Investors also got agreed with Preeta and she called everyone to attend the Lohri festival.

Later, Rakhi said that she is lucky that Preeta is the daughter-in-law of the house. Now, the latest episode will show that after saving the respect of Mahesh, she proved her goodness. Later, Preeta goes in her room cries, and says that she can’t see Mahesh in this condition.

She prayers for Mahesh to become good once again. Karan comes to her room and asks her to handle Mahesh because she also proved that she is a daughter of Mahesh. The Episode Ends.


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