Get ready to know some key details of the most popular daily soap on television. Yes, we are going to talk about Kundali Bhagya because it is going on very well. The story in the show is actually entertaining everyone a lot. Now, the further turns and twists will also making the intact environment highly anticipated.

kundli bhagaya

The previous episode of the show already amuse every single watcher a lot. Now, there are several people continuously searching to know some key details related to the upcoming episode. Here, you will get essential information regarding the forthcoming episode that will be going to air tonight.

The upcoming episode of Kundli Bhagya begin with Karan goes downstairs to meet Preeta. He loves Preeta very much. He tells that Preeta belongs to him. He asks Preeta to take her name once. He is drunken and not conscious. He tells her that he has missed her a lot.

He gets overjoyed to see her back in the house. He tells that he wants Preeta back in his life, just like they used to live before. Prithvi interrupts them and asks Preeta to hear to her. Karan screams and falls silent and cuts Prithvi out of their conversation.

He says that he is speaking to his wife, no one should talk in between. Sherlyn is anxious that Prithvi’s plans will fail if Preeta gets entangled with Karan. Prithvi and Sherlyn go to talk. He tells her that if Preeta returns home and takes over the Luthra business, all her hard work will go in vain.

He says that he will not let this happen. He is ready to go to any stretch to stop Preeta. Not only this, but he tells Sherlyn that he will get Preeta killed if she dares to come in his way. Preeta gets sad seeing Karan’s sad state.

Now, she thinks that she has to handle the entire family as she was handling before. She behaves arrogantly towards Prithvi and Sherlyn to show them that she has not come for the family but for the money. She has come just for the family but acts to be a greedy individual to deal with opponents.

She doesn’t want to show her weakness to the family, as it will make it easier for Prithvi to bully her. Now, the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya will be going to make everyone very entertain.


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