A Popular and amazing show is running with the great TRP on television. The show has a good amount of audience. Here we will share the promo videos with the written update. This show always turns with the new twists. Makers always try to make it more interesting and entertaining. We are following in the show that Karan and Natasha’s engagement has broken after a lot of Drama. Fake police come and arrested her in the case of an accident. Prithvi says that she has called the police but Preeta refused to say the police are not her relatives. Natasha gives the orders to Sharlin to free her from the jail. Otherwise, she will tell the truth.

Kundali Bhagya, Latest Episode 28th May 2022 Written Update

Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Natasha will expose them if they don’t arrange bail for Natasha. He tells her that she used to be a mastermind and what happened to her now. He says that Preeta is trying to play a mind game with them. He says that first, he wants to handle the blackmailer then he will teach a lesson to Preeta. They leave from there to handle the blackmailer. On the side, Sameer and Srishti fix cameras in the room. Sameer informs Preeta that everything is ready. Sristi says now they will be successful with the proofs.

Sharlin gets panicked and says to Prithvi drives first. He instructs her to call the blackmailer and change the venue. Sharlin calls the black miler to change the venue of the meeting and she will confirm the venue in five minutes. Preeta think why she is changing the venue and she found that Karan is following her. Sherlin asks about the plan Prithvi, he replies now there are chances that they will not give this money to the blackmailer, they will give this money to Dubai’s don. Preeta informs Sirishti about the news venue, which is a warehouse and it has been informed by Sharlin.

In the warehouse, Sharlin gets shocked seeing Prithvi in Saree. Preeta comes there and sees Prithvi. She calls him Prithvi which is shocking for him. He accepts that he is Prithvi and asks about the original CD. She shows him the CCTV footage, in this video, he is talking to Dubai don. . She thinks that she is lying about the CCTV footage. Let’s what will happen next, and how Preeta will catch them or Prithvi will be successful in his wrong intentions. Stay tuned for more updates.


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