We are back with another written update of the most prominent show Kundali Bhagya. The latest episode starts with Preeta suspect Preeta and Shrishti having a talk in the kitchen. Preeta tells her that she has to support Karan in his career. She says but she can’t show her real motive to him. She tells her that Preetv already suspected about the paper and Srishti asks about the paper. Preeta replies that she is about that pepper, which is helping her to stay here. Preeta tells that he doubts that those papers aren’t signed by Mahesh. Shrishti stops her from saying the truth. Preeta goes to the café to meet the private investigator Madan. Madan says he is undercover sh should not judge by his looks.

kundali bhagya

He asks about the money she pays him money, but at that Sameer suspects her. Sameer follows her, She says that she has to find the evidence to save Karan Madan says he will find the evidence as soon as possible. Sameer is unable to listen to her words due to distance. Karan is occupied with Preeta’s memories. He can’t trust that she cheated on him. She remembers his feelings She tells her that Karan has got roses for her and said the thorns, it signifies his frustration, but he doesn’t realize what he tells in anger. She forgives him for this because he is in anger.

Preeta hears people talking wrong about Karan. She defends him and says he is not wrong and she will prove it very soon. She comes back home and cooks the food for Karan. Sameer recalls Karan and Preeta’s words. He is in confusion. He doesn’t understand anything. Srishti says that she should send the food by Rakhi, and Preeta says she is right.  Rakhi sheds tears. Preeta and Shrishti see Rakhi crying and feel sad. Preeta consoles Rakhi, who questions her pretense.

Rakhi starts losing faith in Preeta. She feels wrong to trust Preeta. She asks Preeta about her media statement. Rakhi says her not pretending, Preeta says she is not pretending anything. She is not saying she is sad, she is just giving her this food because Grish has given this box to give her, then the police will allow her to meet with Karan. Rakhi says thanks to her. Rakhi then says to Srishti that she is a good girl and she asks her never to change herself like Preeta changed her colors. Episode ends.


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