With the full of excitement and amazing twists in the story Kndali Bhagya the TV, serial is here to entertain beyond your expectations. This upcoming episode is ready to bring new thrills to the life of every family member. As per the news, In the 26th August episode of Kundali Bhagya, you will see the whole episode will revolve around Srishti and Preeta. As we all know Sarla did upbring of both with huge care and love.

kundli bhagya 26th august 2021

The episode will start with Shristhi when she asks Sarla to open the door. While on the other side Sarla crying terribly and she prays to Mata Rani. She asks Mata Rani that why she do this to her and even she is also Maa. She never complained about her problems and even after this Mata Rani does not help her. The storm can be seen easily which will come into Preeta’s life very soon.

On the next side, you will see Preeta enters her room and lying down on the bed. She picks her mobile phone and sees something. Suddenly Karan enters his room and thinking that he tried so hard to stop Preeta from entering the room but she did not stop. Karan gets so much angry with Preeta. Preeta is also not able to sleep in her room and so sits on the bed.

Preeta enters Karan’s room, he thinks that Preeta has come to him and he put his hands over his face. He starts crying to remember that it was just a dream and realizes that how much did wrong with her. Karan Preeta Sleeping together in the morning.

Suddenly, during the deep sleep she places her hand over his chest and waking up, she smiles seeing him beside her in the bed. She holds him tightly and feels secure that she has her husband to protect her from every difficiulty. Both wake up and Karan asks why is she worried about everyone, Preeta replies it is because she loves them all, they both get each other and walk out of the room. For more written updates you can bookmark the website where you find out the latest episode information.


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