As you know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show among the people, it has great TRP on television. This Serial is very entertaining and interesting. Here we will share all the highlights of the latest episode by written update. According to the promo videos, the latest episode will be a thrill to watch. The episode starts with, Prithvi telling is Sharlin that he will snatch all the power back from Preeta., whatever she has snatched from him. He lets Natasha execute her plan.

Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode

You will see in the episode, that Natasha’s plan is when Preeta comes on the stage to give her speech, she will hold the mic and get electrocuted. She Preeta’s dignity will ruin down by this electric shock. Sherlin gets confused about Natasha’s planning.

Karan and Sameer meet Prithvi and Nagre, warn them. Karan tells that if anything happens to Preeta, then Karan will show his worst side. Earlier in the show, he warns that he will also make the plannings to ruin her life. He will not forget that she snatched everything from him.

He promises to snatch everything back from her. She says to Prithvi that, he will lose the war, like today when he got defeated after reaching so close to his goal. She tells him that he will hate himself when she forces him to apologize to the Luthra family. He asks her why is she dreaming of his apology like is concerned for the family. 

On another side, Sherlin asks Natasha what is her plan, she tells that Preeta will jump on the stage and fall down, and she will die due to t this shock. She hides behind the pillar and switches on the power. Sharlin sees the sparks. Natasha tells that Preeta will leave the world.,

she will lose her respect, and her project as well. Prithvi asks Naagre why is he supporting Preeta. He says he can’t fight with Preeta, he says Karan was a famous cricketer, and he is still famous, so don’t misbehave here. Sharlin tells Shralin about Natasha’s plan. 

Prithvi and Nagre like the plan Natasha and they support her for the plan. Nagre wishes Preeta really die today. Sherlin vents her anger on Prithvi, and Prithvi says Don’t show him anger, and he doesn’t like jealousy vibes. She asks Prithvi don’t compare her with a roadside dancer like Natasha.

She tells that he wanted revenge on Rishabh and she helped him, now Rishab is out of sight, Prithvi still wants revenge. He doesn’t disclose what he wants. She calls him a selfish man who kills people after fulfilling his motives. He angrily asks her did he kill her.


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