Here we are talking about Kundali Bhagya. This serial is very famous among people. This show is very interesting and entertaining. This show going well with great TRP. This show comes on the ZEE TV on a television. The upcoming episode starts with Srishti saying that Preeta can do anything for Luthra’s family but she should not have put her life in danger.

Kundali Bhagya 25th February 2022 Written Update

Preeta tells she is fine now. Srishti asks Preeta why did you do this to prove Mona wrong, It’s such a risky way. Preeta tells she did not find any other way. she tells them now Mahesh can leave the basement and now Rakhi will also be happy.

Srishti tells her that Prithvi is sad now. Preeta says that she doesn’t want to take any risk with her life to close Prithvi’s plan. Srishti says to Bee Ji that we should leave now. Preeta asks them to stay to celebrate Mahesh’s birthday. She tells that she is waiting for others to inform celebrate Mahesh’s birthday then Srishti tells Preeta that may this plan fail because if no one asks her then.

Preet tells her she can not show, she loves Mahesh so she has to wait for it. Then she goes to make tea for everyone. Srishti was surprised that what Prithvi will be doing now because Preeta destroyed his plan. she tells Bee Ji that he won’t stay silent so they should be ready for his attack.

Another side, Sherlyn scolds Natasha for not stealing the poison from Mona’s purse. Natasha tells her that Karan was with her so what can she do. Sherlyn tells her that she can say but she can’t do anything. she says that she should have gone to the basement.

Natasha tells her that she does not want to tolerate her nonsense. Preeta comes there and says that it does not look like Natasha is Sherlyn’s sister. Then Natasha tells her that she has many qualities, not like Sherlyn.

Sherlyn tells Preeta do not interfere in her personal life. Natasha tells that the latter doing wrong things only like firing Mona from the job. Preeta says that Natasha is irritating and goes from here. Sherlyn scolds Natasha because she is arguing with Preeta. she tells that if Mahesh becomes fine then it can be a problem for them. she will save herself somehow but Preeta will throw out Natasha from the house. Stay tuned for more updates.


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