In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, we will get to see that the Luthra family is worried because of a storm outside the house. Dadi and Rakhi says that something wrong is about to take place and Kareena asks them not to say anything as this is just a storm. Sonakshi hears everything and thinks that the storm is only for the family as she will not spare them until she gets what she deserves.

Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2021

Then, she sees Preeta as she is upset and goes to her and says that what happened with her. Preeta is worried about what happened between Sherlyn and Rishabh, she lies to Sonakshi by saying that she is just thinking about Karan.

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On the other side, Pihu gets scared by the storm outside the house and runs towards Preeta while Kareena taunts her and asks her to take care of Pihu right now. Sonakshi says that she will take care and asks her to come to her, Pihu denies and runs away from there.

Dadi reminds Preeta that Pihu is a responsibility of her and Rakhi supports Preeta for this and says that Preeta did not come downside because Pihu was sleeping. Kareena again taunts and says to Preeta that she did not see a mother like her before and Rakhi replies to her that she always shouts at Preeta.

On the other side, Rishab faces Sherlyn and asks her that who is the father of his children? Sherlyn continuously lies to him and says that this is his child. He tells that he saw her talking with Prithvi and she said to him that she deserves a man like him.

He also tells that for taking all the information, he talked to a lawyer, and Sherlyn gets shocked. Meanwhile, Pihu apologizes to Preeta as because of her, Kareena shouts at her. Preeta asks her to sleep and sing a lullaby to make her sleep.

On the other side, Kareena complains to Dadi about Rakhi and says to her that if Preeta will not take care of Pihu so, she will give her to Sonakshi. Because of this, Dadi gets shocked and shouts at her for saying this. Meanwhile, Sonakshi is also annoyed at Rakhi for supporting Preeta always.

She then decides to bring back Rakhi to her side but later, says that Preeta is a good mother. On the other side, Sherlyn accepts that Prithvi is the child of their baby. She says that if he will disclose this in front of the family, everyone will be laughed at her.

Later, Preeta asks Karan to come home soon as Karan also wants him. After some time, Rishab stands on the road and reminds Sherlyn and later, he meets Prithvi and tells about her confession. Prithvi and Sherlyn come into an argument. The Episode Ends.


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