Here we are back with the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Karan moving Preeta accuses Mona of poisoning her food in an attempt to kill her. she fired Mona from her job. Mona and Prithvi have not expected this. Prithvi does not doubt Preeta’s plans and thinks that Mona has lost her mind and she tried to act over-smart.

kundli bhagya

Preeta says that Mona is a danger to her family and she can not come back to this house and now she can not look at Mahesh. Then she asks to doctor to tell her if he has any problem, Doctor tells that she has no objection, she was going to tell Preeta to fire Mona from the job who is not true to her work.

Mona is wrong proved by Preeta and gets her out of the house. Doctor Supports Preeta. Karan wants to be with Preeta and he wants to support her and protect her. Then Preeta tells Bi Jee and Shrishti that she mixed the poison in the salad herself. Shristhi has complimented Preeta’s acting talent, but she is shocked that Preeta had taken a risk in her life to get succeed in her plan.

Preeta tells that she can not take any chance because Prithvi is very smart and he will save Mona easily if the report did not show the results she wanted. Bi Jee and Shrishti are angered to know about Preeta’s foolish move.

The doctor tells that Preeta is saying the truth, she has been Poisoned by Mona. Preeta discloses the reports. she scolds Mona for doing wrong. she says that she knows Mona did this, she asks them to check Mona. The doctor tells that she has to give an anti-poison injection to Preeta first. Prithvi wonders if Mona has done this without telling him.

Karan checked the reports. The doctor gives the injection the antidote to Preeta. Bi Jee asks Mona why did do this. she threatens the police. Preeta tells Bi Jee not to call anyone. she tells she wants to end the matter here. then Bi Jee tells them she wants to teach a lesson to Mona. Shristhi tells to stoop so low. Preeta sings Shrishti not to call, then Shristhi thinks why Preeta is stopping them from calling the police.

Preeta has other plans, Shristhi asks Bi Jee to listen to Preeta first. Preeta tells that now she feels good after the injection. She tells the doctor to mention Mona’s crime in the report. She tells her to check Mona’s purse, she would be having the poison with her. Mona denies having any poison. Preeta tells that they will check her purse.

Mona replies that she will get her purse checked. Preeta tells her not to go alone. She discloses the truth of Prithvi and Mona to make Mahesh more insane. She is glad that her plan didn’t fail, and now Mona is out. Shrishti praises that Preeta proved once again that she can do anything for the family.


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