Kundali Bhagya episode of December 24, 2021, is going to be interesting because the prediction of the Pandit Ji is going to be true as Prachi is about to return to the Luthra mansion. Due to the lots of excitement towards the upcoming episode, the makers did not reveal any single promo related to the upcoming episode and just we can imagine that Prachi will step in the Luthra mansion once again.

Kundali Bhagya 24th December 2021

Before sharing the latest update, let’s talk about the last episode where Rakhi tries to meet Mahesh after a week. Prithvi asks about Rakhi to him and he asks Rakhi to stay away from Mahesh, Rakhi makes her understand that she made a milkshake for him.

Prithvi puts a milkshake in the glass and says that everything is happening with Mahesh because of her and Prithvi invites Kritika, Rakhi, and Natasha for the birthday party which is organized by Sharlin. Along with this, it was also seen in the latest episode that the floor is cleaned by Rakhi and Kritika.

Sharlin asks her that what is her problem and why does he not allowing Rakhi inside. Prithvi chokes her Sharlin and says that no one even Sharlin can’t break his law. He states that everyone from the Luthra family is his enemy and goes from there. He says that he doesn’t want to feel her pain but if she will go against her so, she will have to face issues.

Sharlina says that how can he change like this and Prithvi says that he is a dangerous man as before and Sharlin replies that he was busy in Preeta’s love. He says that he doesn’t want to hear her name. He says that Natasha is excited for her birthday and Sharlin says that she will organize a Puja in the house where she will call a fake Priest.

Sharlin says to him that Pandit will say, everything will be fine in the house. They plan because of Priest, the family will definitely talk about Karan and Natasha’s wedding. They say that they will put Karan and Natasha in a critical situation and Natasha will agree to her family.

Now, fans are excited to know about this upcoming episode of the show where the entry of Preeta will take place in Luthra’s house. It will be interesting to watch her in the upcoming tonight so, let’s wait for the latest episode.


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