Here we are back with the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya. This serial is very famous and popular among people. It is going well with great TRP on the television. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Prithvi cunningly framing Karan and he destroys Preeta’s plan very badly. He gets the file in Karan’s room. He tells Preeta this is the same file that contains the property and business papers. He asks her to check and confirm that the papers are the same. He tells that Sherlyn’s surmise on Karan was correct. Preeta gets shocked when the police find the property file in Karan’s room.

kumkum bhagya

Prithvi blames Karan for the theft. Sherlyn smiled in an evil way. Karan asks Prithvi that stop this nonsense, he has not stolen anything. The police officer arrests Karan for the theft. He tells Karan will have to prove his innocence in court. Then he arrests Karan, Preeta is shocked by this. Preeta wanted Prithvi to get arrested for the theft, and her plan backfires. Prithvi gives a great loss to Preeta. Who is the defaulter behind the theft?

Earlier in the show, the police reach home. Preeta asserts about the property papers which has got stolen. she tells her she got the papers home to keep them secure. but in the morning property papers were stolen from Preeta’s room. No one wants that Preeta wants to become a house owner. She asks the police officer find to papers and punish the culprit. Sherlyn tells that she knows who did steal the papers. Preeta asks who is it. Sherlyn tells she saw Karan in the living room. she accuses Karan of stealing by her words.

Preeta tells the family that Sherlyn accused Karan when she asked questions to all like Sherlyn is saving herself. She tells that Sherlyn may have stolen the papers. Sherlyn asks Preeta does not to accuse her of saving Karan. Karan tells that Preeta is not saving anyone. She called the police to find the property papers. Kritika tells that Preeta is dying to get the papers. Bani asks Kareena to back the papers and stop all this. Kareena tells her that she has not stolen the papers. She asks Bani if she has stolen it.

Bani asks them they lost their mind to accuse her. Prithvi tells that it is preferable to search the house than accuse each other. He blamed Preeta. Preeta says that is not possible, so they will search the house. She asks the police to check her room in the end because she already checked her room well. So don’t forget to the full episode of Kundali Bhagya on the Zee Tv channel on television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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