Here we are back with today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya. This show is very famous and popular among people, this show is very entertaining and interesting, this episode going well with great TRP, this show comes on on ZEE TV channel on television, this show is an Indian and Hindi language show.

kundali bhagya 22th February 2022 Written Update

According to the promo videos, the latest episode starts with Karan. Karan asks if they have called the doctor, Prithvi cuts the call assuring there is no need to worry doctor is on his way, Mona comes with the glass of water she says she mixed something, which would make her feel better, then Preeta asks Mona tell what has she mixed in the salad that she has got unhealthy.

when Preeta said to Mona what did you mix in this then everyone is shocked hearing why is Preeta asking Mona when Mona mentions that she has not mixed anything in the salad, then Preeta said she accepted that she has mixed something in the water, Natasha also shouted that Preeta is making things which Mona is saying then Natasha mentions Preeta is right because

Preeta is the owner of the house, then mona should say sorry to her if she made a mistake then Prithvi thinks Natasha is very clever and she knows that how should give reply to the enemies as it will prove that Preeta is blaming mona for nothing and she is taking the side of Mona to save her.

Mona said that why she should say sorry, she is understanding with the way they are talking that she is being blamed which she has not done, Mona tells Preeta is lying then Preeta exclaims she knows that mona has mixed something in her salad, then Preeta wants to go to in her room.

Preeta thinks he always says he loves her but now Preeta need his help than he is not even giving it, then she acts like she is falling and he catches her then she thanks him, she can go when Karna tries to help her however she insists on leaving but he takes her.

Rakhi sits on the sofa with Luthra’s family, Natasha exclaims that she is going to make tea for all, Sameer also says that he will come back, Rakhi wonders what’s going on in this house since she desires to keep the family together but she does not even know to check her self, whatever is going in this house, all this happening because of her, Rakhi still Prays that Preeta gets better soon.


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