The episode of Kundali Bhagya that will be going to air tonight is worth watching. Now, the upcoming episode has already created a huge sensation on different social media platforms. The story lineup and the performance of the stars in the ongoing serial are very appreciable and we are sure that they will entertain every single fan a lot.

kundli bhagya

The previous episode of the daily soup already engaged millions of people all over the country to watch the upcoming ones. The show is airing on Zee TV and it is actually doing very well in the TRP. The fans are eager to watch the upcoming episode.

So, Kundali Bhagya Tonight’s Episode will begin with Rakhi saying sorry to Janki. But, Janki says that fights are common among family members and there is no need to say sorry to anyone. She says that they both are family and then she hugs her. After seeing this, Kareena gets shocked.

On the other hand, Karan is searching for Preeta and then he meets Kritika. After that, he tells her everything about the fake police, and then Kritika says that it could be Preeta’s plan. Then, Karan says her to stop her nonsense and he leaves from there.

Kritika tells herself that she relies on Prithvi as she doesn’t believe that doing all this will benefit Prithvi. In the next scene, we see that Kareena tells Dadi about Janki and Rakhi’s hug. She tells her that Preeta had come to this house as a physiotherapist but became the proprietor of their property.

She took away everything that belongs to Karan. Suddenly, Sameer comes there and tells that they both will be glad to hear that Preeta has everything, not Prithvi. He reminds her that Prithvi had organized this party and if Preeta had not come, Prithvi would have taken up the project.

Not only this, but he further says to them that Preeta save their company and then he leaves from there. After that, Dadi tells Kareena that Sameer is right but he shouldn’t have talked to her in such a manner.

The upcoming episode will be going to air on Zee TV and it will be very exciting to watch how the further story of the show goes on. We are very curious to watch the full episode in which lots of ups and downs will take place. So, the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya will air on Zee TV.


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