Here we are back with today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya. this show is very famous and popular among people, this show is very interesting and entertaining, this episode going well with great TRP. This show comes on the ZEE TV channel on television, this is an Indian and Hindi language show.

Kundali Bhagya 21st February 2022 Written Update

According to the promo videos, the latest episode start’s with Kritika, she tells Karina that she is very happy, Karan saw the true face of Preeta, Karina tell she has been trying that both Rakhi and Karan see her true face since when she came back to their home because that moment was very painful.

when she sees Karan is going then she stops him and asks him. where is he going but Karan tries to leave when she explains that she knew that Preeta is very selfish because she came back only for the money, but she will have found out about the mental health of Mahesh Bhai and she had taken over his entire property.

then Karan replies he did not know what to do since today is a big day and they should celebrate the event but instead we are worried if he is going to be sent to the mental hospital, then Karina says to Karan why are you so worried I know you are trying your best for everything it will be fine.

preeta is walking on the balcony when she sees that Mona comes from the basement, Preeta notices that Mona is talking to someone on call and she informs him, she is going to give the food to the patient and talk to him later, Preeta thought why is she always taking her purse even in the kitchen then she starts following her says that the doctor called on the landline so can she check, then Mona leaves with her purse then Preeta check the food because she worries about food, she gets even more unsure then she smells the food and gets tensed wondering why is food not smelling good.

Preeta gets angry at Mona, then she turns to teach her but she stops because she knew that Mona has lots of importance in the house, then she thought she should think of another plan, Mona is trying to talk on the phone when Preeta comes to Mona tells this was not a good joke when she said that.

Dr. Jhariwala on the call but there is no call she wasted a lot of time because she went to give the food to Mahesh sir, then Preeta asks why would you joke with her, Preeta says to Mona that Mona can lose her job because whatever is she doing


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