The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starts when Preeta says to Sarla that she saw Sandeep to the place where she stopped to buy candy for Pihu. Sarla says to her, if she thinks that she really saw her so, she should definitely go to the hospital to check that he is there or not? so, her all misunderstandings went out of her mind. Preeta says that this is right. She asks Sameer to leave Pihu to her home and she goes to the hospital to clear her doubts. Does she ask to the receptionist that is Sandeep discharged? The receptionist says No.

Kundali Bhagya

Shristi acts and tells the receptionist that Preeta is a physiotherapist of Sandeep so, she is going to check him. She talks to the receptionist to divert her mind and Preets goes inside the Sandeep room to check. She sees that he is not there and when she goes back, she finds that Sandeep is coming with Sudeepa on a wheelchair. She gets shocked and tells her that she saw him roaming around on his feet today. Preeta says to her that she knows very well, he is lying to her.

Sudeepa warns him by saying that he needs to stay careful always because Preeta can go to any extent to save her family’s happiness. Later, Preeta tells about the hospital that when she was coming back, she saw Sandeep. She says that now, she is doubting herself. She also tells her that when she wants to do something good, everything gets spoiled. Shrishti asks to stay calm and don’t worry about this. She says that they will definitely do something to bring out Rishabh from the jail.

Later, Srishti and Preeta go to Luthra’s house, Kareena asks that where was she? Preeta tells everything about Sandeep and she saw him there but Kareena doesn’t believe in her.

Kareena says to her that she is lying and also says that she went with her sister to have fun and she doesn’t even care about the family and its condition. Preeta says to her that why she is saying this. Along with this, Bani also says that she has forgotten everything that what did they do for her. Suddenly, Srishti gets angry over them and says them that how can they talk to her like this. Srishti says that why are they start blaming Preeta when everything gets wrong in this house. Preeta asks Srishti to calm down. Kareena says that they don’t know how to talk and react in front of elders and goes from there. Does Srishti ask Preeta that can she stay with her? Preeta replies in Yes.


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