As we know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show among the people, the show has great TRP on the television. Here we will share the highlights of the latest episode by the written update. According to the promo videos serial is going to be very interesting and entertaining. Let’s start the show. The show starts with Preeta is explaining to the guest about the new project.

Kundali Bhagya 20th January 2022 Full Written Update

She says their new project is going to fulfill the dreams of those whose dreams are quite often left unfulfilled, so now they can complete their of the big house. Preeta tells about the qualities of the project, she says this would be beneficial for the kids as it will have food courts.

This will provide them with knowledge about farming which is a really unique thing, they will also be trained in growing the fruits and vegetables and many more things she said. MLA is also impressed after hearing this but the investor is not moved. Keep reading.

The inspector says she is very clever, Karan replies he must not praise her so much. Sameer says he is praising her because she has done right. She has taken over the Lutrhra empire from Prithvi. Now, this is the Luthra empire in the right manner. The reporter asks about Mahesh Luthra, she replies that he wants some break from the business, then she asks for the clap for Mahesh Luthra.

Preeta walks down when The MLA and The investor exclaim that they heard that Prithvi was heading the Project and it was that this project is going to be luxurious. They mention how they heard Prithvi is the one heading this project while the Luthra corporation had just a minor stake and in fact, this project was completely handled by them. She adds Prithvi is a small part of the company.

Mr. Nanaware explains he desired to invest his money in a luxurious Township, Preeta says the new project would be luxurious Doesn’t mean we should be expansive in order to be luxurious.

She says If it was just luxurious then the only wealthy family will show their interest, if it will be affordable then each and every house built under this project. Then The MLA and Mr. Nanaware also agree to invest in this project. You will see next that Rakhi tries to talk to Srishti but she ignores her.

Sharlyn asks questions to Nagre that he was their Lawyer and now he is helping Preeta, He says there is a reason behind this, he says that is not in his dictionary to switch sides, and he says he has understood that she has a fire in her eyes and she is not a normal person.

Nagre says he saw her sister put a white cloth on the face of Prithvi at the party and Preeta threatened him to his recording to the police and she reveal that he gave the bribe to be killed. Sherlin says she was the reason for Preeta’s ruined life now she will again ruin her life, but she will find out Prithvi first then she will ruin Preeta’s life


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