The long-running show Kundali Bhagya is going to be very interesting and entertaining. We will share the promo videos with the written Update. According to the promo videos, the show is going to be very interesting and thrilling. We are watching the show, where Karan and Natasha are getting married. Karan is doing this to jealous Preeta and he wants that Preeta stopped him and accept that she loves him. Lots of drama is happening. Preeta is acting as a blackmailer in front Of Prithvi to search for Rishabh. She is threatening him by saying that she has some proof against him, which can expose him. Several things are running in the show.

Kundali Bhagya 1st June 2022 Written Update

We have seen that Prithvi has revealed his face in front of Preeta and we have seen that Karan is marrying Natasha. The most interesting part has come when Rishabh enters the house, Karan is about to put the Mangal sutra in Natasha’s neck. Preeta stops to shout Karan. All gets shocked that time. Then Rishsb also comes with her. The Luthra family sees him and gets emotional. Karan sheds tears in his eyes. Karan sees Rishabh and gets happy and emotional too. The entire Luthra family finds happiness at the moment. Rakhi sees him with her teary eyes.

Karan says that Preeta has worked hard to find Rishabh. Preeta has completed her promise, which she did to Rakhi and Mahesh. On the other hand, Prithvi and Sharlin are shocked to see Rishabh in the Luthra house. Now you will see Karan asking him why has he not connected with him and what is the reason. Rishabh then tells him all the situation of the story and that tomorrow he was about to hang till death but thankfully Preeta reached in time and saved him. He gives all the credits to Preeta. Keep reading.

Karan feels ashamed to make Preeta through this alone when his mother folds her hand in front of Preeta in gratitude. Meanwhile, Natasha is getting angry at failing despite her perfect planning and goes to her room. Sherlin also sees Prithvi amusingly. Then Rishabh turns towards Prithvi and Sharlin. He goes to Prithvi and then Prithvi sees him and takes a step back to escape from there. Rishab catches him with his collar and pulls him. Rishabh starts beating him while everyone looks at him in shock. All think why is he beating Prithvi. Episode ends.


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