As you know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show, it has great TRP. This is an amazing show. It has an interesting story, all characters are outstanding. AS we know Shradha is playing the lead role in this show. She is a fabulous actor. Serial is getting thrilling. All fans are very excited to watch the upcoming episode.

kundli bhagya

They want to know what will be the next step of Preeta, what she will do to save the Luthra family. It is clear came back because of saving the Luthra family. According to the Promo videos show is going to be very thrilling. Here we will share some highlights of the promo video.

We have seen Rakhi is trying to know why is Preeta here. She wants to know what is the matter, what is Preeta trying to do. She asks all to question Preeta but she pretends she doesn’t understand anything. Preeta says that she has papers, then Preeta says Rakhi Ji please remember one thing that She is the owner of the house and forget this truth. Preeta doesn’t tell anything about her plan.

she thinks that this is not the right time for telling anything to anyone. She has to search Papaji. But where is he? Preeta thinks if she will tell the truth to Rakhi, this truth can be spread like air, then Prithvi can do anything to protect himself, She decides that she has to hide her plan from everyone.

You will see that Preeta thinks about Rishab, where is he. Prithvi talks to a person named Nagar. Prithvi says in anger Nagar you had said that our papers are very solid. Nagre says Calm down Prithvi don’t get hipper. Prithvi says You Know Nagre this event is very important for me. We have to do something for Preeta, we have to handle her.

We will see Nagre says if you will be calm down then, I can think something. Nagre says do you trust me, Prithvi says what is the next step, then Nagre says Let’s meet Tomorrow. Now we can take the idea by the promo that the show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. You will see that Prithvi will do something very solid. If you can enjoy the show on Zee Tv. There is also another platform, which is Zee5, where you can watch the entire episode at any time.


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