Here we are going to share the most popular show, this is serial is running well with the great TRP on television. According to the promo videos, Serial is going to be very interesting and entertaining. Preeta standing at the door think Karan is not the reason but Prithvi got sent to jail because of his own actions, Preeta looks happy then Srishti asks why is so happy she replies that she is happy because Prithvi is celebrating in the prison. Krtikia asks Karan to look at his wife.

Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2022 Written Update

You will see in the movie that Preeta enters the room questioning if Kritika would really be the one to pass judgment on her, she does not care about anything. Preeta says to Kritika that if she is thinking that she has listened to her conversation, which was Preeta doing with Srishti. Preeta says if Kritika is thinking that she will afraid that she has listened to their conversation so Preeta doesn’t care about anything.

Preeta says to Kritika that firstly she has said to Srishti that she is happy, and she says now she says to Kritika that she is very happy to celebrate the Holi because Prithvi is in jail at that time Natasha is looking at Preeta in anger. Preeta added that Holi is the symbol of the truth, which makes for winning the truth on lies and bad vibes. Preeta says that she is wishing that not only this even all the upcoming festivals of the holy, Prithvi celebrate his Holi in the prison.

Preet says that she was about to go to meet Prithvi but not now because today is Holi and she is very busy today and she wanted to tell him to meet that he is celebrating Holi in the prison and his wife is celebrating Holi in the room like a jail and Preeta says that Prithvi will be unhappy to listen to this and he Will heart.

Preeta says the family members are happy than Preeta, she added that the whole family’s happiness is short because when the whole family will see Kritika’s sad face then they will be sad to see this and Kartika is not playing Holi, and the family’s Holi be without colors. Preeta says thanks to Krtika because due to her, Preeta’s plan is getting successful.

Kritika says Preeta that her and her family’s happiness is not short-listed and she says she will also play Holi with happiness and says to Preeta that she will jealous to see her. Shrishti praised Preeta that how she gets success in the plan to play Holi by Kritika. Karan asks Srishti what is happening but she doesn’t tell anything to him. Episode ends. Stay tuned for more updates.


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