Here we are sharing with you today’s update of the Kundali Bhagya. this show is very popular on television and it is a very entertaining and trending show. this show comes on ZEE TV Channel Kundali Bhagya’s latest episode starting with Preeta when she was having food on the dining table with family then she stands up but Preeta suddenly fainted down on the dining table then all the family members were shocked and worried what’s happened to Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 19th February 2022 Written Update

When Karna go to check her she is fine or not when she tries to inform Karan that whatever she is doing it’s all drama because she wants to know what Prithvi’s plan because she knew that now which is going with Mahesh papa it’s because off Prithvi. Here we have more details about the episode so keep reading.

Now Preet will try to find the plan of Mona and Prithvi they both want to make him mentally disturbed and they want to become owners of his house and business Preeta is tense because she knows that Mahesh papa is not well Preeta sits on the bad wonders and she thinks what can she do, now she can’t tell anyone because she knows that no one will belive on her. Preeta mentions that she wants to make sure Mahesh papa comes out from the basement.

Earlier in the episode, Mahesh papa gave her all the property so she wants to thank him Karan said to Preeta she should thank him because she loves him very much many times she said that she wants to thank him so he has made a mistake hurting the heart which she loves so much, she thought she should not disclose the truth because she came to complete her mission.

When Shristhi doing massage on Bi Jee head then she asks Bi Jee why you did not go to meet the relatives when they were invited after that Bi Jee says you are her own and everybody loves her then Janki comes into the room to give her tea.

Shristhi feels that she is the only reason for giving headache to everyone, Bi Jee try to make Shristhi laugh but she can not laugh on Bi Jee jokes. Preeta also tries to help Shrishti, Preeta asks a question, Bi Jee, why did they not come when Shristhi assures she is going to be being her then Bi Jee asks her if Preeta is fine but she believes that then nothing is wrong with that.


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