As we know Kumdali Bhaga is a very popular show among people. It is running well with the great on Television. Here we are sharing a written update of the latest. According to the report, The show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Karan saying they all know that these are the property papers and no one would steal them since they are not thieves. Preeta in shock questions hoe does everything know since this was a secret, who said them then Dadi says that no one said them but she herself was talking in the loud voice. Kareena says to Dadi why is Dadi trying to tell her anything or any explanation. Kareena says that Preeta’s roots are not good that’s why she is mannerless.

kundali bhagya

Kareena says Preeta has grabbed everything, the property, money, which doesn’t mean she will be classy and says to her that she can go outside to take a call. Shrishti tells some people even then are able to converse so low, Kritika replies it is really funny but does she know what else is funny. Shrishti disclosed that she respects Karan a lot and loves him which is why she is quiet, otherwise knows how to teach everyone a lesson.

You will see Preeta will say that she has pain in her head. She taking the medicine for the pain. Shrishti says which medicine is she taking. Srishti says to her that she knows she will sleep after taking this medicine. If anyone will do any activity she will not wake up. Preeta says now what will happen and she says she has the papers hoe it will be secure. She says to Srishti that she should sleep with her. Then Srishti sees the text that Janki is not finding the medicine of Dadi.

Natasha is making a vlog and she exclaims she knows she did not make any vlog for so long time. So now she is making the videos. She is about to show some dance moves. Sharlin comes there and asks her what is she doing.  Sherlin replies everyone has started suspecting if she is either her real sister. When Natasha exclaims would her blood relation sister not make such videos.

You will see in the episode that Kareena disclose she will not sleep today so she can go and steal the papers from Preeta so she will ruin her position in the house.  Dadi says even then she would not have told anything to her since she is doing this for their family, Karina hugs Dadi. They hug each other. Natasha comes when she notices Karan is doing some work in his room, Natasha thinks that Karan would only steal the documents in one condition if he feels that Preeta is going against his family. Preeta comes into this house as the doctor for Bani and well-wisher of Rishab. Episodes end. Stay tuned for more updates.


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