Here we will tell you about today Kundali Bhagya episode this show is going to be very amazing and interesting and this is going well with great TRP, this is an Indian show and Hindi language. This show is very popular on the ZEE TV channel and many people like this episode on television fans of Kundali Bhagya always wait for the latest promo of Kundali Bhagya this show comes on the ZEE TV channel this episode starts with Preeta and Karan are in bed Karan taking Preeta’s hand under his head. Here we have many things to share with you so keep reading.

Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2022 Full Written Update

she asks Karan what are you doing Karan says to Preeta before marriage he used to sleep with Rishab and Karan were take his hand after that Preetto tries to take her hand but Karan does not let go, he asks if she wants him to go but she tries how she did not say anything then he comes near Preeta he asks her if she wants him close but still, Preeta refuses him when she can not say anything she behaves as she is sleeping when she opens her eyes when try to touch him but suddenly

Karan opens his eyes she suddenly acts as she is sleeping and once again Karan places her hand under his head then he moves his hand on her shoulder, she also takes his hand in her arm before clinging it Karan kisses on her forehead when she also moves her hand on Karan’s shoulder but immediately she screams after seeing a lizard.

Shristhi wakes up from hearing the scream, Karan tries to her to be quiet after hearing the scream Sarla and Janki both wake up then Sarla says I  think so thief came into Preet’s room then Shristhi is shocked to see that she is standing behind her, what is she doing, Shristhi say what was she doing in the bathroom, they all enter in the room Shristhi and preeta, they both try to hide Karan Sarla threatened to call the police but it does not affect on Karan.

when they realize it is Karan, he told them not to tell anyone but Shristhi starts to tease Preeta when she gets angry Shristhi runs from the room Preeta closes the door then Karan sits on the bed, Preeta asks Karan what will next, Karan exclaims how they both sleep now after that Preeta tells him to go the other side in the room.


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