Here we are sharing with you today the Khundali Bhagya episode is very amazing and interesting and this show is going well with great TRP, this episode is an Indian and Hindi language show, this episode comes on the ZEE TV channel and it is very popular and entertaining, fans of Khundali Bhagya always waits for its latest promo. Here we have more information about today’s episode.

Kundali Bhagya, 17th February 2022 Full Written Update

Rakhi is crying to hold Marsha’s clothes, Karina enters the room she asks Rakhi why are you crying, it should not be that but Karina said lots of bad things about Preeta that’s why she is crying. But we should not forget that we are also her family we have come into her life a long time ago, Rakhi said I am not caring because of what they all said to her, she hurts when both say something to her she truly loves them.

what happened when Rakhi informs she knows tomorrow is Mahesh’s birthday and they can not organize a party for him, she thinks how he used to say he always looks handsome in black clothes. Karina apologizes for everything she said she loves them, she knows Rakhi is very innocent she wants Mahesh to wear these clothes after that she would like to give clothes to him.

in the morning Preeta talks to Ganesh on the call, she recommends Ganesh to give her money at the temple and organize Pooja in the name of Mahesh, she tells many things in the trunk of the car so he should do it. Preeta thinks that she is going to the basement to meet him after that she sees Mona heading downstairs with the beg, Prithvi said she should give him the same food, Preeta starts to follow her, a

nd Karina wakes in the basement thinks how it can be better if Mona takes lots of time in the market, she would able to give clothes to Mahesh when Mahesh sits in the corner of his room she goes in his room it’s really scared, she wants to give this clothes to Mahesh as a birthday gift. keep reading

Today is Mahesh birthday, his family desires to wish him, but can not come to wish him she states crying and Mahesh also has got tears in his eyes, she requests him not to cry, Mona thought that Prithvi sir does not allow meeting Mahesh to anyone after that Karina and starts hitting her. Karina explained that she is hitting her but mona did not stop.


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