Here we are back with the latest update of Kundali Bhagya. This serial is very famous and popular among people. It is running viral with great TRP on the television. It is a very interesting and entertaining serial. According to the promo, this episode starts with Karan getting drunk and driving the car. He says Natasha that Preeta always hurts him and breaks his heart, he loved her a lot, but she has hurt him too much. He is regretting that he loves Preeta. Natasha says him to see the truck coming and yells to alert him. Here we have more information about the news and we will share it with you in this article, so let’s continue the article.

kundali bhagya

Karan and Natasha get scared and think of meeting an accident. Preeta gets doubtful about the intruder sending a note to Sherlyn. She went to Sherlyn’s room for checking the note and comes across Sherlyn and Prithvi’s conversation about Rishabh. Prithvi tells about the don he was hired to tackle Rishabh. The don blackmails Prithvi and requests a lot amount of 50 crores. Preeta gets shocked to hear Prithvi stating 50 crores. Preeta wants to search out the truth behind the mystery. Will she find out about Rishabh? What happened with Rishabh? Do you want Rishabh’s character to be back? keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Someone comes into the house secretly. Preeta asks the guards to catch that man. The man throws a stone at Prithvi’s room and also a few notes. He runs away. Preeta fails to catch him. She thinks what did he throw it in her room, it has his name written so she got it for him. She thinks what did that man throw in Sherlyn’s room. Prithvi sits drinking in his room to relieve his pain. Sherlyn arrives there in a panicking state. Prithvi asks her what is the reason for his panicking. She gives the Parcel and says someone was thrown it in her room, It has his name written so she got it for him.

He gets shocked after reading R on it and tells that it’s R for Rishabh. He tells that the don has sent this, they hired the don for Rishabh. Kareena and Kritika ask Preeta why is she screaming. Preeta tells that someone had entered the house. They dont trust her. She thinks it’s no use to tell them anything. She hands to check the thing thrown in Sherlyn’s room. Stay tuned for more updates.


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