Here we are back with the latest update of Kundali Bhagya. This serial is very famous and popular among people. It is going well with great TRP on the is a very interesting and entertaining serial. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Karan worrying about Preeta’s injury, but stays away from her and is troubled by her. He doesn’t want to talk to her. Karan is thankful to Natasha that she came on time and proved his innocence.

Kundali Bhagya 12th May 2022 Written Update

He is happy to go home with the family and also gets his name cleared of defamation. He wants his fans to love him again. Preeta thinks that Karan is against her. She wants Karan to clear the misunderstanding against her. She tells him that it was Prithvi who hired Sandesh. Prithvi is saved in time by Natasha, who returns to the Luthra house by winning Karan and Prithvi’s trust at the same time.

Karan asks the family to come home with him. He ruthlessly stops Preeta and tells her that the car is already full. Natasha tells the family that Preeta just took pride in her actions and efforts, but did not do to save Karan, simply because she didn’t want to save him from the case. Sameer gets upset with Natasha. He wants to tell Karan that Preeta had gathered all the evidence to prove Karan innocent, she worked really hard to clear his name. Preeta and Srishti go home together. The Luthra family welcomes Karan to the house. Preeta is overjoyed with his return.

Natasha makes a profitable deal. Preeta and Sherlyn also agree to keep Natasha in the house after having a super favor on their partner. Karan and Preeta getaway because of their ego and misunderstandings. Will Karan realize the truth and apologize to him? How will Preeta come clean and win back Karan’s trust? read on.

Earlier in the show, the judges confirm that Prince has cheated everyone by implicating Karan. Mehra asks Prince who is his boss, and who hired him to trap Karan. Makhani asks Mehra not to mix the two cases, he will come to know about Karan’s innocence, so it is proved. The judge released Karan. He declares Karan innocent. Preeta and Luthra are relieved. Karan meets his family. He is upset with Preeta. He thanks Natasha for the help. She tells that she is very happy that he is coming back home. Prithvi goes with Kritika. He asks Preeta to experience the pain of losing after winning. The episode ends here, Stay tuned for more updates.


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