Once again the most entertaining tv serial is here with lots of twists and dramatic turns in the story. The romantic love story is ready to take turns. Prithvi and Kritika will be the focus of this upcoming episode. The promo video of the upcoming episode has been released by the makers. There are several secrets and unexpected incidents available that we going to discuss and it is part of this Kundali Bhagya latest episode.

kundli bhagya 12th august 2021

Currently, there is a triangle story performing among these three personalities Sherlyn, Kritika, and Prithvi. The Haldi function of Sonakshi and Rajat is gone absolutely well. Every house member has enjoyed it very well. Sonakshi also appears happy knowing how much Rajat loves her.

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The courier guy arrives to deliver Preeta’s reports. Sonakshi is extremely happy to see how Rajat loves her. Suddenly a courier guy comes on the door with Preeta’s report.

Now the situation becomes interesting when Preeta’s report comes among the family members and the truth about her pregnancy will explode in the house. Definitely, she has to face the situation. Karan gives the rose to Preeta and says her beauty is increased day by day. The delivery boy is waiting for someone and looking at Preeta and Sherlyn to receive the courier.

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Sherlyn tells them that she wants to save the family from the bigger sorrow, the family will sink in sorrow when they have more dreams and hopes about the baby. It is not forgettable for any family member. Sherlyn tells that she wanted to save the happiness of the house and save her family to get into deep sorrow due to the heartbreak because of this report. They will sad after knowing that baby will not come and it is all a fake rumour spread by Preeta.

She also tells that she has not any personal revenge on preeta and she only wants to bring truth gaming the house members. She only wants to tell everyone the truth and break the hope which making unwanted dreams by family members.


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