As we know Kunadali Bhagya is a very popular show, the show has great TRP on the television. The show is running with good amount of viewers. We have seen many twists in the show. Now the show is getting more interesting and entertaining after the leap of 2 years. The show is fantastic with a great story of the serial. As we have seen in the last episode, Nagre comes to the Luthra House full of confidence. He asks about the papers to Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode 11th January 2022

The entire family is curious to know about the truth, but Karan is more curious to know about the truth. Preeta shows her papers. Nagre says according to the Prithvi and your paper’s sign are different.

Nagre says your efforts sare baseless because this sign is fake. Preeta says when Mahesh Papa sign the paper, that time he was not in a condition, And my paper’s sign is totally genuine. Here we will share all the highlights of the episode.

Nagre says your papers are genuine, but if it will be safe then Nagre tears the papers before the entire family, Preeta gets shocked, but after some time she smiles and says you think I am mad as your Klint. She says that was a copy of the original papers. After that, she gets a new paper then Prithvi tears as well.

Preeta says that was also a copy of the original papers. She says she has enough copies. According to the promo videos you will see in the latest episode, Preeta says to Nagre he had all the data about me, he comes with full preparation about his rival. Preeta says you said many things in your introduction that you are very entelligent etc etc.

Preeta tells him his entire life, she says you had gone in prison at the age of 7, she says you have gone 7 times in jail in the 35 years, You have done many crimes in your the entire life. She says, often he came many to in prison for his illegal activities.

She says then Nagre has decided to study of the law, thus he can do his crime as legally, so he become a Lawyer of the criminal. He decided to do specialization in the law. Then Preeta says, you had my entire data, now she says she has his history. She says, she will say only one thing, that she is smart. She asks now you have cleared all the doubts. On the basis of the promo, the video show is going to be very interesting and entertaining.

Preeta will show her moves as smart, and she will do all things for taking back all the powers of the Luthra house for handover to Mahesh Luthra. Prithvi is very frustrated after all the mess up. You can watch the show on Zeetv, if you want to watch the entire episode so can watch on the Zee5 app at any time. Stay connected for more updates.


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