The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Prithvi asking Luthra to not to tense and the doctor giving an injection to Mahesh as he feels good. They will not let anything happen with Mahesh in the future. He make understand to Dadi that they fought against doctors.

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2022 Written Update

The doctor suggests they to admit Mahesh in a mental asylum. Preeta asks him why is he doing this as he cares for Mahesh. She says that because of him, Mahesh is suffering from this stage. She asks him what is his plan. Prithvi says that she always blames him.

Karan asks him to talk carefully with Preeta. He makes him reminds that she is his wife and the owner of Luthra’s mansion. Prithvi says that everyone knows which kind of human is Preeta. Karan warns him that don’t say a single word against Preeta. Kritika reminds everyone that Prithvi is a son-in-law of this house.

Karan is about to scold her but Preeta interrupts and says that she doesn’t want anyone’s respect. The Doctors come out of the room and ask them to keep Mahesh in the basement. Preeta asks the doctor if they will keep in the basement so, how can they take him in the real world. He says that he would have killed Mona today and it happened because of the family’s carelessness.

Doctor suggests they keep Mahesh in the basement otherwise, he will send him to a mental hospital. Prithvi assures him that they will keep Mahesh in the basement. He will also handle that he will not attack at anyone.

He asks Luthra not to take tension of this because he will handle everything. The doctor leaves the house. Preeta says that she has tired of this regular drama and goes in her room. Kareena says that she can’t believe that Preeta is behaving like this.

Natasha thinks that she has been trapped here because of money. She calms herself and praises herself for playing the game with everyone. She says that no one knows about her real plan and she wants Luthra to let love her so she can trap them.

On the other side, Preeta remembers the words of the doctor and thinks that if Mahesh is normal so, why doctor said this. Janki and Shrishti come there and Preeta tells that Mahesh behaved normally in the celebration of Lohri.

Janki tells that she saw how Mahesh attacked Mona. Preet says that something happened wrong. Karan also comes there. Preeta asks him if he appointed this doctor later. He tells them that he knows the doctor and why is she asking this. He says that he appointed this doctor because he can’t risk Mahesh’s life. The Episode Ends.


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