We are back with an interesting written update of Kundali Bhagya’s latest episode. It is running with great TRP on television. As we know this serial is going to be very popular and famous among people. According to the promo videos, The latest episode starts with Karan entering the room, he finds Preeta is sleeping and thinks that she looks really beautiful while sleeping but when she awakens she looks opposite to this.

Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2022 Written Update

Preet gets wakeup suddenly and sits down on the bed and she asks him what is he going here. He says this is his room and Preeta tells him that was his room not now. Then some cute arguments happen between them. And then Karan leaves from there and Preeta thinks she feels weak to hide her feeling when he stays with her.

Then you will see in the episode that Karan and Sameer share their own problems with each other. Karan says that Preeta hugs him and suddenly pushed him like that was the crime. Karan says their love story is struggling due to the misunderstandings of their past. He says that he promises that their love story will come on the right track.

Prithvi asks Kritika what is the relation of Prithvi with the Luthra family. She says that he is son Inlaw. And he asks why they treating him like this, Karina and Dadi come after hearing his shouting. Karina asks why is he shouting at Kritika like this. He says no one respects him.

He says before that no one knows about the condition of Mahesh Luthra. But because of Preeta, everyone has know about his condition. He says that he only kept Mahesh in the basement so that no one finds out about his mental condition.

Prithvi explains that he is starting a new company not because he has any interest in money but if anything happens wrong with so he should have a source to support them in the future. He tries to convince all by his sweet talks and talks about the past that the time when he wants moral Support of Kritika that time she didn’t support him.

Kritika tries to console Kritika assuring nothing has happened, Kritika questions what is her problem that Prithvi scolded her like this. Karina says that Preeta is the reason behind every problem, She asks Rakhi who can not see that Preeta is not right for the family. Rakhi says she didn’t do anything wrong to send him mental asylum.

However, the entire family doesn’t agree with him. Kritika says now she is with her husband and she will support her husband and she will not let anything wrong with him. She will complete all the duties of the wife. Rakhi is really tense with the intentions of Kritika.


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