Here we are back with the latest update of Kundali Bhagya. This serial is very famous ad popular among people. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Srishti finding Jankii and Beeji. Janki and Beeji claim themselves to a police inspectors. Janki tells Srishti that Beeji acts like a goon but tells herself a police inspector. Beeji starts crying hears her and says that Janki is a fake police inspector. They start arguing with each other. Srishti tells them to stop the argument and says them to prove that they are police inspectors.

Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2022 Full Written Update

Beeji says that she has proof to prove it and leaves from there. Janki tells Srishti that she will prove it too and leaves from there. Srishti thinks that what are they going to bring. on the other hand, Preeta asks Karan if he likes Natasha. He shook his head. She tells him that he has done that to make her jealous and he succeeded in his plan. She throws a pillow fight. Then they start dancing. Natasha tells herself that all this mess happened as of Nagre and Pradeep. She adds that she needs to find Karan no matter what.

Karan and Preeta playas cricket. Karan gets hit by a ball so Preeta drops the bat and asks him if he is fine. She decides to call the Doctor. Karan tells her that there is no need to call the doctor. Natasha hears Karan’s voice and thinks that what is he doing inside. Then She knocks on the door. Preeta opens the door and taunts Natasha for following Karan. She warns her that she needs to stay within limits. She tells her to stop eyeing Karan. Karan laughs after hearing all this. Natasha says Preeta to not talk like that.

Preeta tells her that she will slap her if she doesn’t leave from there and she locks the door. Then Karan opens the door and repeats Preeta’s line and locks the door.  Beeji bumps with Sherlyn and tells her that she is finding a goon. Janki comes there and says that Sherlyn is a goon.

Sherlyn scolds them. Srishti arrives there and asks Sherlyn to ignore Janki and Beeji. Sherlyn badmouths Aroras. Srishti shouts at her. Beeji and Janki cheers for Srishti. Sherlyn runs from there. Beeji says that she is feeling sleepy. Sherlyn scolds Natasha for washing time. The episode ends here, so don’t forget to watch the full episode of Kundali Bhayga on the Zee Tv channel on the television. Stay tuned for more updates.


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