As you know Kundali Bhagya is a very popular show, the show has amazing TRP. The show is running with good amount of viewers. If you are a long viewer of the show. Has great fan following among the viewers. This is one of the hit show on television. As we know Shardhya Arya is playing a lead role in the show, she is a beautiful actress and talented as well.

kundali bhagya

All characters of the show are outstanding and brilliant. People love to watch the show. We know people are very curious to know about the story in the upcoming episode. Here we will tell you all the highlights of the upcoming episode. Let’s continue the article. Keep reading.

On the basis of the promo videos of the show, Prithvi’s legal adviser Naagare, says comes to the Lutra house and says he has the experience to identify the truth and fake things. He asks Preeta about the papers, he says will identify the sign of the Mahesh Luthra, if it is a forge sign. Preeta goes inside for bringing the papers. Then you will see in the episode, Nagre advises Prithvi, he should not fight with her, Preeta in her powerful zone.

She has the power to throughout you from the Luthra house. Nagare says Preeta has decided to get the Luthra empire on her name. Prithvi decides to get Preeta out of his way somehow. He proceeds with his backup plan, that’s to harm Mahesh and Prove him insane in before of Preeta. Read the complete article, here several things for telling.

Furthermore, Nagre Nagre says if sing is fake, so Preeta Should pack her bag. He warns Preeta, he will identify the sign within a second. Nagre apologizes for insulting Preeta. Prithvi tells that they shall call the police and throw out her from the house. He tells the high possibility of the fake papers. Karan gets angered hearing them speak against Preeta. Keep reading.

Even Karan wants to know the truth, Prithvi and Sharlyn think Nagre will expose Preeta, But Nagre says that the papers state that Preeta is the sole owner of the entire Luthra family, she will be the decision-maker from now, she will have the signing authority. He tells that Prithvi’s rights are now given to Preeta. Prithvi gets shocked after hearing his words. Preeta says she has the latest papers.

She adds that Prithvi has the power of attorney, while she has the property transfer papers. She says that she is the owner of the entire Luthra empire. Nagre says Preeta can throughout anyone from the house if the paper will be safe, then Nagre tears the papers in front of the entire family. Preeta gets shocked, but after that Preeta gets to bring another copy of the papers, and she says she ton copies of the papers. She says she is not Stupid as Prithvi.


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