Kundali Bhagya is one of the suspense and entertaining serial which have a huge audience across the nation. The fan following for this serial is continuously rising. The upcoming episode will start with Prithvi while she is asking how did she remember his mother suddenly. Immediately Kritika replies to her question and tells that when a woman lives in her parent’s house then anyone can insult them and she can’t do anything.

Kundali Bhagya 2nd September 2021

Prithvi shouts at her and says you are a modern woman but still you believe in such foolish things. Kritika says now she only wants to live in her own house peacefully.

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Prithvi asks that who told him such things. He realizes that it was Sherlyn who told all such things. Sherlyn tells Kritika to not believe anything which she says. Sherlyn revealed that she has jealousy of Kritika as well as Preeta also. Prithvi wipes her tears and tells her to make a phone call. Later they leave and go to their rooms.

In the early morning Sherlyn seeing Dadi and Kareen while they are sitting together. Sherlyn thinking that possibly both are angry with Preeta and planning something. Currently, the entire family is angry with her. Sherlyn greets them good morning with a smile. Dadi asks what is good abut today’s morning. She told that she has planned so many things for the children of the family. She is suffering from a miscarriage and absolutely this is the toughest time for her.

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Sherlyn mentioned that this is a big family and that’s why they have to do everything with care because they have to remember that nobody will get hurt from their action. Prithvi thinks Sherlin Is Really Smart As She Acted Like The English And Created Problems For Which She Herself Found The Solution And Made Everyone Sure That She Is Not Wrong.

The doctor comes to the house and he rings the doorbell. Ganesh opens the door and finds where is Karan. Suddenly comes there and asks is everything fine here. Prithvi coming and exclaim to her daughter that she has ignored the mistakes of people and it is the witness of her biggest heart. Even she ignores mistake when she have done nothing wrong.


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