Kundli Bhagya is the most famous show. This show is running well with the excellent TRP on the television. People love to watch this show. Today we will share a written update of the latest episode. According to the promo videos, the show is taking a turning point. As we know Preeta is trying to search for Rishab and she has made a promise to the Luthra family that she will find Rishab. So the story is going thrilling. You will see in the upcoming episode that Rishabh’s arrival Karan is seen marrying Natasha. All are in the Luthra house seem with joy. Preeta and Sherlin are enjoying that Natasha is taking place of Preeta will out of the house. They praise Karan for his decision. Karan takes the step of marrying Natasha according to his huge Drama to make Preeta jealous.

kundali bhagya

Karan is doing this because he wants that Preeta stops this marriage and accept that she loves him. The priest asks him to make the Natasha wear the Mangalsutra. Preeta comes at the last moment and sees Karan is putting the Mangalsutra in Natasha’s neck. She Shouts at Karan and stops him. She brings Rishabh along. Preeta has completed her promise to Mahesh and Rakhi and brings Rishab to Luthra’s house. Rishabh enters after Preeta’s entry. When he enters the house, the whole family gets surprised.

Rishabh’s presence will make the environment of happiness. Karan and the Luthra family will be very happy. Rishabh gets emotional about meeting his family. Karan also will be emotional to see him and shed tears of joy and feels beholden to Preeta. Prithvi and Sherlin get shocked by this and they are not ready to believe that Rishabh is here. Preeta was doing her duty towards the family and their happiness.

Karan realizes that Preeta was doing all the efforts to bring Rishabh into the home for the family’s happiness. She has completed her work and spread happiness in the house. Preeta wants Rishabh to unite with the family. She pledges to throw out Prithvi and Sherlin from the Luthra house, by exposing them.

All the family gets happy and celebrates the moment with joy. This moment will be like a gift for the entire family. She will work hard and will expose Sherlin and Prithvi in front of the Luthra family. She has attempted many times to expose them now let’s see if she will get success in her plan or not. Stay tuned for more updates.


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