Here we are with the written update of Kundali Bhagya on 25th March. The episode starts with a twist in which Preeta meets Rishabh in Dubai jail. Rishabh is now free, because of Preeta. He was surprised and can’t believe that he is now getting free from jail. He cries in front of her, Preeta hugs him and tells him that he can’t forget him, as he is the backbone of our family. she tells him that she missed him and the whole family is waiting for him. Moreover, she says, she will do anything to get Prithvi and Sherlyn punished.

kundali bhagya

Natasha says to her mom, that Preeta and Karan are in Love, but it didn’t last forever, She tells her mom that she will take her place in Karan’s Life, she adds she has made a trap for him in which he will get caught easily. Preeta writes some questions to ask Sherlyn in her diary until she will get some information regarding Rishabh. She tells Sameer to fix the camera in a proper way so the data can’t be stolen or deleted. She also tells him the times to leave and then they meet Sherlyn.

Sammer Ask Preeta, that wills he able to cancel the engagement, She says that Karan is doing all this just to make her feel jealous. Karan goess to Rakhi and says Preeta doesn’t care anything for his engagement. She says that u both have ego, and you shouldn’t do this drama this will break’s Natasha Heart. Then he tells the truth that Natasha’s knows everything, and she is ready to help me to win Preta’s heart. he want Prerna to confess her love for him. Rakhi makes him understand that he have to keep patience and he himself have to confess his love to her.

Sherlyn comes and meet Prithvi, She finds he is busy in selecting clothes, she says she is tensed ,what if attacker,comes to the house and revealed all the secrets, he says that she should trust him, nothing will happen wrong to them. Karan goes to Preeta and asks isn’t she feeling bad that I am getting engaged to Natasha.In reply he got, she cant stop him ,as he do opposite to what will she say. Rakhi asks Srishti to stop Preeta to stop this engagement. Prithvi congrats Preeta for Karan’s engagement, she says that no engagement is happening. She tells no one can break their relationship. The episode ends.


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